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Empowering efficient diocesan management

Streamline operations and overcome challenges with SylogistMission’s business management software for Diocese, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Streamline your finances with SylogistMission ERP, built on Dynamics 365 Business Central


SylogistMission ERP, built on Dynamics 365 Business Central,  serves as your trusted partner in centralizing and simplifying financial operations across multiple entities. It helps you manage accounts, track budgets, and generate real-time reports, providing you with a clear view of your diocesan financial health. With SylogistMission ERP, you can streamline processes, increase efficiency, and focus on what truly matters - serving your community.

Optimize fundraising with SylogistMission CRM, built on Dynamics 365 CRM


Fundraising plays a vital role in supporting your diocesan initiatives. SylogistMission CRM, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, empowers you to build strong relationships with donors and maximize your fundraising efforts. With CRM, you can track donor interactions, manage campaigns, and personalize communication to create meaningful connections. By harnessing the power of SylogistMission CRM, you can strengthen donor engagement and achieve your fundraising goals.”

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Get a 360 degree view of donors including: total donations given over time, interactions with your staff, communication history, and more.


Online donation pages, manual and batch gift entry and more to help you close the gap between your development and finance teams.

Fund Accounting

From core fund accounting software to specialized financial management, SylogistMission ERP will help focus your efforts with efficiency and transparency.

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