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Empower Your Mission with SylogistMission ERP

Fund accounting, financial management, grant and award management, payroll and HR, and reporting and analytics SaaS solution available in the Microsoft Cloud. 

Grant & Award Management

Accurate, timely, and compliant grant and award management, automated by SylogistMission ERP. You'll spend less time on paperwork and increase your chances of securing future awards.

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Created for public service organizations like:



Faith-Based Organizations

Payroll & Human Resources

Keep pace with the ever-changing needs of your workforce while managing varying pay cycles, contracts, union regulations, substitute payroll, retirement calculations and more.

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Case Study: The Diocese of Venice


The Power of the Cloud for Continuity of Nonprofit Services During Natural Disasters

When hurricane Ian made landfall as a Category 4 storm with winds of 155 mph, Florida Power and Light warned citizens to brace for days without electricity.

Peter McPartland, CFO of Diocese of Venice (DOV) wondered how urgent food, water, and shelter would get to the community during the outage.

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