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Empower Your Mission with SylogistMission CRM

Donor management, fundraising, volunteer management, and program delivery purpose-built for nonprofits and NGOs on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Donor management & fundraising system built on Microsoft Dynamics 365

SylogistMission CRM is the first and only donor management and fundraising system built on Microsoft, designed for modern, midsize to enterprise nonprofits seeking a single platform to elevate their engagement with donors and efficiency of nonprofit operations.

SylogistMission CRM is a donor management and fundraising system which provides a 360° view of donors, fundraising, and financials. It streamlines everyday processes, saving precious time so you can spend more of your day building relationships and less of it entering data.

A complete system that's gives you fuller data with less hassle

Nonprofits that already use Microsoft will recognize the interface and productivity tools like Teams and Excel, and the integration with Outlook allows your team to work where they're already comfortable.

Microsoft interface makes you feel right at home, right away

SylogistMission CRM resides wholly within the Microsoft tech stack, scales with ease with Azure and is hosted via your Microsoft tenant. Grow with abandon with unlimited users and no limits on the size of your database.

An enterprise system that scales with you as you grow

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