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Microsoft Dynamics for Nonprofits: Comparing SylogistMission ERP with D365 Business Central

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When nonprofits and NGOs consider transitioning to a modern ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central emerges as a top contender. But what lies beyond the out-of-the-box solution? SylogistMission ERP, the nonprofit sector’s preferred alternative. 

Dynamics 365 Business Central: The Versatile Foundation 

At its core, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an integrated suite that connects sales, service, finance, and operations. It automates critical processes, allowing businesses to work smarter, adapt faster, and perform better. From financial management, to supply chain optimization, overseeing projects, or boosting sales and service, Business Central provides small and mid-size businesses with tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. 

SylogistMission ERP: Microsoft Dynamics for Nonprofits 

Dynamics 365 Business Central serves as a versatile foundation for managing various organizational processes. However, it’s essential to recognize that Business Central isn’t inherently tailored to any specific industry. Instead, Microsoft collaborates with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), like Sylogist, to infuse industry-specific functionality into Business Central. 

Built on the foundation of Business Central, SylogistMission ERP is purpose-built for nonprofits, offering essential functionality to streamline operations, ensure financial accountability, maintain regulatory compliance, foster transparency with donors and funders, and enhance overall flexibility and efficiency. With everything you need to empower your mission and amplify your impact, SylogistMission is the comprehensive solution nonprofits need to thrive in today's dynamic landscape. 

Here are nine ways SylogistMission ERP takes the solid foundation of Business Central and amplifies it with purpose-built features for nonprofit organizations. 

  1. Expanded Chart of Accounts: SylogistMission ERP expands the chart of accounts to incorporate commitments, encumbrances, and actuals. This functionality enables you to have laser focus on cash flows, precisely manage inflows and outflows across projects, funds, and awards to ensure financial stability. 

  2. Fund Accounting: Fund accounting in SylogistMission enables you to monitor the impact of transactions on your general ledger. Each transaction is linked to funds, facilitating categorization and analysis based on fund types and classes. This comprehensive approach offers insights into both financial and non-financial aspects associated with each fund. 

  3. Net Asset Roll Forward: SylogistMission caters to the unique accounting requirements and financial statement presentations of nonprofits. It facilitates seamless management of net asset roll forward, ensuring compliance with fundraising and endowment regulations. You can track net assets by fund and dimensions, fostering transparency with donors and funders. 

  4. Batch Allocations: With batch allocations, SylogistMission automates intricate calculations essential for month-end and year-end close processes. You can efficiently allocate administrative costs, fringe benefits, and manage endowments, guaranteeing accurate financial reporting and analysis. 

  5. Robust Workflow and Approval Rules: SylogistMission boasts robust workflow capabilities, facilitating transaction coding and document-level approval rules. Customizable based on user roles, these rules ensure proper review and authorization of financial activities. Accessibility across devices and email notifications enhance flexibility and efficiency. 

  6. Superior Requisitions and Purchase Orders: SylogistMission enhances requisition and purchase order functionalities, enabling seamless payment requests and invoice management. Requisitions, posted as commitments, aid in cash flow analysis and forecasting, empowering nonprofits to manage finances effectively. 

  7. Comprehensive Award Management: Grant-dependent nonprofits benefit from SylogistMission ERP's comprehensive award management features. From proposal tracking to financial reporting, organizations can efficiently manage awards across multiple companies and currencies, ensuring clear visibility and control. 

  8. Deposit and Loan Management: Integrated deposit and loan management functionalities empower nonprofits to efficiently track individual deposit accounts, automate withdrawals, and manage loans with flexible interest rates and payment schedules. 

  9. Payroll Processing SylogistMission ERP offers a unified payroll system to effortlessly manage employee compensation. With flexible payroll controls, complex rules can be recreated with ease and the seamless integration with Payables automates invoice generation for taxes, garnishments, and benefits. If you currently outsource your payroll, there's a significant opportunity to save money, which can then be reinvested into furthering your mission. 

  10. Streamlined Nonprofit Reporting with Power BI: SylogistMission seamlessly integrates with Power BI, enabling nonprofits to craft powerful, real-time reports tailored to their specific needs. Data models encompass dimensions, funds, and transaction types, facilitating high-quality reporting and analysis. 

Empower Your Mission 

SylogistMission ERP isn’t just software; it’s a commitment to amplifying impact. Whether you’re advancing social causes, supporting community initiatives, or championing environmental change, SylogistMission provides the comprehensive solution nonprofits need. From fund accounting to award management and workflow automation, SylogistMission ERP empowers you to streamline operations, enhance financial transparency, and focus more on your mission-driven initiatives.  

Discover the power of purpose-built technology. SylogistMission ERP: Where your mission meets transformation. 


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