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Empower Your Community with SylogistGov

Transform the way your Government Supports your Community with a Modern, Efficient, and Future-proof Solution

Purpose built for communities with a population of under 200,000.

Don't let outdated processes hold your organization back.

SylogistGov transforms municipalities through a customer-centric cloud-based solution, enhancing financial management, citizen engagement, data-driven analytics, and strategic partnerships, and empowering local governments to efficiently serve their communities with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Welcome to the Future of Government ERP

Leverage the power of Microsoft's most trusted platform: Dynamics 365

Financial Management

Revenue Management

Asset Management

Citizen Portal

Reporting & Analytics

GIS & Data Integration

Financial Management: Comprehensive, streamlined, integrated, empowering

SylogistGov's budgeting capabilities are like a financial compass for local governments, guiding them with accuracy and finesse to navigate through fiscal challenges, maintain compliance, and allocate resources wisely for a prosperous journey ahead. 

  • Accurate financial records for effective management.

  • Streamlined revenue tracking and accuracy.

  • Efficient procurement and vendor management.

  • Precise monitoring for optimal utilization and maintenance of fixed assets.

  • Time and talent administration to empower payroll management, time tracking, scheduling and project time management.

  • Strategic resource allocation and budgeting for fiscal responsibility.

  • Grant Management: effectively manage grants, ensure streamlined application processes, fund allocation, and compliance tracking for optimized grant utilization.

Revenue Management: Unlocking streamlined revenue optimization

With its robust payment processing functionality, the revenue management module enables local governments to optimize revenue generation and efficiently manage diverse income streams, fostering financial stability and growth for the community.

  • Seamlessly manage utilities and services like water, electricity, and waste.

  • Taxation Management: streamlined tax collection processes, that ensure compliance and facilitate efficient management of taxation operations.

  • Utilities: facilitates seamless management of utilities, ensuring smooth billing and payment processing for services such as water, electricity, and waste management.

  • Licensing: simplifying the process of issuing and tracking licenses for businesses and individuals.

Asset Management: Where efficiency meets excellence

Unleash SylogistGov's asset management module – your all-in-one toolkit for mastering asset tracking, maintenance, work orders, and citizen requests, putting the power of efficient management in your hands.

  • An all-in-one solution for tracking, management, and maintenance of assets.

  • Streamlined scheduling and tracking, optimizing resource allocation and work order management.

  • Simplify inspections: Compliance, quality, and timely issue resolution.

  • Efficient handling from planning to execution, ensuring successful outcomes and resource optimization on any project.

  • Seamlessly manage citizen inquiries, promoting effective communication and prompt resolutions.

  • Gravel: Tailored functionalities for optimized resource allocation in infrastructure projects.

Citizen Portal: Your one-stop hub for seamless civic interactions

The citizen portal offers a seamless hub for citizens to manage accounts, make payments, access licenses, and interact with local government services. From property and account management to secure online payments, licensing, permit requests, and service submissions – it's citizen empowerment in a click.

  • Property Management & Account Management: Your all-in-one control center for property info and accounts.

  • Conveniently handle taxes, utility bills, payments and services with utmost security.

  • Effortlessly apply for and renew licenses from the comfort of home.

  • Streamlined processes, enhancing citizen communication and minimizing paperwork on permits and requests.

Reporting & Analytics: The Tool that Fuels Progress

The analytics module empowers you with valuable insights, effortless reporting, and transparency in operations. With customizable dashboards, pre-built report templates, and ad hoc reporting, decision-making becomes data-driven and efficient. 

  • Organizational-specific dashboards and KPIs.

  • Multidimensional worksheets with drill-to-detail capabilities.

  • Report library and ad hoc reporting allow you to tailor custom reports effortlessly with pre-built templates.

GIS & Data Integration: Decisions empowered with seamless data and maps

Property-powered insights: SylogistGov's design enables efficient data management and informed decisions. Spatial savvy: Geographic visualization illuminates relationships and patterns on interactive maps. Seamlessly integrated: SylogistGov's Data Integration module unleashes geospatial potential, empowering smarter decision-making.

  • Property-centric solution design 

  • Geographic visualization 

  • Data Connect module for all third-party data imports and exports 

Empowering Local Governments Through Collaborative Partnerships

​Our dedicated team works closely with partners to deliver tailor-made solutions that meet the specific needs of local governments. This partner-led approach ensures that each client receives personalized attention, expert guidance, and ongoing support from implementation and beyond. Building long-term relationships is at the heart of our mission, and we are committed to empowering our clients through dedicated account management and comprehensive training.

  • The SylogistGov team collaborates closely with partners, delivering personalized solutions for local governments' unique needs.

  • Long-term partnerships and dedicated support empower clients for successful implementation and beyond.

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Sylogist's Partner Program

Sylogist Partner Program

Sylogist partners with VARs, technology solution partners, and Microsoft to offer comprehensive suites of solutions configured and deployed specifically for each customer.

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