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SAVIN360: Empowering Victim Services and Beyond

A victim notification system is an essential tool for any state's criminal justice system, as it plays a crucial role in ensuring the rights and safety of crime victims. By providing timely and accurate information to victims about the status and movements of offenders, these systems empower victims to make informed decisions, stay vigilant, and take necessary precautions. Moreover, a victim notification system fosters trust and transparency between law enforcement agencies and the community they serve, demonstrating a commitment to victim-centric approaches.

SAVIN360 is the ultimate solution to overcome the challenges faced by victim notification software. As a cutting-edge Victim Notification System, SAVIN360 is designed to revolutionize victim services and support agencies nationwide. Its proven success in multiple states, including Indiana, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, and Oregon, makes it a compelling choice for organizations seeking a customizable and robust victim notification system.

SAVIN360 harnesses the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics CRM), a renowned software widely adopted by government agencies worldwide for its flexibility and functionality. Let's explore the key features and benefits of SAVIN360 that make it stand out as a game-changer for victim notification and support services.

  1. Cost-Effective Notification: SAVIN360 optimizes notification costs through built-in PowerApps standard communication methods and cloud services.

  2. Rapid Development and Upgrades: With Dynamics 365/PowerApps, implementing legislative changes and improving notification processes is swift and straightforward. System updates automatically bring in new features and enhancements.

  3. Customizable Thresholds: Tailor notification thresholds for different events, ensuring efficient event processing while allowing temporary halts for investigation.

  4. Comprehensive Notification History: All communications with constituents are recorded in Activities records, offering easy retrieval of past notification activities and ensuring a complete history.

  5. Data Control and Ownership: SAVIN360 creates a unified system for offender records while ensuring Georgia retains full ownership of the collected data.

  6. Continuous Victim Notification: With the use of SAVIN360, a victim will only need to register once, and have that account for life.

  7. Failover and Follow-Up: SAVIN360 tracks the success of each notification and explores alternative communication channels in case of failure, ensuring constituents receive essential information.

  8. Self-Service Configuration: Administrators can easily configure operational features, messages, and system values through a user-friendly interface, responding promptly to new legislation or administrative updates.

  9. Accessible Notification Logs and Role-Based Access: SAVIN360 offers comprehensive logging features, ensuring secure access to the system and its data through role-based permissions.

  10. Victim-Controlled Web Portal: SAVIN360 includes a web-based portal where victims can access offender status information, manage their notifications, and explore available victim assistance resources.

  11. Notification Categorization and Constituent Choice: Categorizing notifications based on urgency empowers constituents to choose their preferred notification method, ensuring transparency and flexibility.

As part of Microsoft Dynamics 365, the solution benefits from a feature-rich ecosystem with continuous upgrades, making it a reliable and state-of-the-art platform.

Our commitment to customization is at the heart of SAVIN360. Victim services staff can readily adapt the system to changing needs, creating personalized modifications to enhance usability and effectiveness. Our goal is to empower your agency with a comprehensive victim services suite, extending beyond notification to support your victim engagement strategy fully.

The suite comprises various components, including Victim Case Management, Victim-Offender Mediation, Victim Outreach, Victim Resource and Provider Management, Victim Services Provider Support, Victim Services Event Management, and Victim Services Grants Management. All these components, built on PowerApps, facilitate seamless data sharing to identify relevant programs and services tailored to each victim's specific case.

SAVIN360 can be configured to comply with each state’s security policies. With your state’s branding and tailored to the unique needs of your state’s victims and service providers, our solution seamlessly integrates into your existing landscape, ensuring optimal performance and alignment.

We firmly believe that SAVIN360 is the ultimate solution to empower victim services and revolutionize your agency's approach to supporting victims. Its customization, adaptability, and state-of-the-art technology make it the perfect choice for agencies committed to delivering exceptional services to those who need it most.

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