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How Microsoft Partners Sell More with Sylogist

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, strategic collaborations are the lifeblood of innovation and growth. With this in mind, Sylogist has reimagined its Partner Program and is rolling it out to a wide range of Partners. For Microsoft Business Application Partners seeking to expand their offerings and provide tailored industry solutions, Sylogist is the ideal ally. With a robust suite of ERP and CRM solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sylogist caters to nonprofits, local and state governments, and beyond. Our partnership approach aims to harness the expertise of both parties, leveraging intellectual property, services, and integration capabilities to enhance customer value.

The Sylogist Advantage:

Sylogist specializes in developing industry-specific ERP and CRM SaaS products that address the unique needs and challenges of nonprofits, local government, and education sectors. Our deep industry knowledge, combined with continuous technological innovation, results in modern solutions that streamline processes, boost operational efficiency, and enhance overall performance.

Sylogist also offers multisector solutions, including Payroll by Sylogist and Portal Connector by Sylogist. Payroll by Sylogist, enables Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users to process payroll and offers HR and employee self-service tools. Portal Connector by Sylogist offers a simple, highly flexible portal for data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to provide improved communication with customers, vendors, partners and more.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft: Sylogist products seamlessly integrate with the Microsoft ecosystem, including Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Azure services. This leverages the best of what Microsoft has to offer and provides a comprehensive platform that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each industry sector. We love collaborating with partners who value the Microsoft ecosystem, and who are experts in implementing and integrating holistic solutions for their customers. Together, we deliver a more comprehensive offering than our products can provide on their own.

Why Choose Sylogist:

  1. Variety of Industry-Specific Applications: Sylogist boasts a diverse array of industry-tailored applications, catering to the nonprofit, local government, and education sectors. These solutions are purpose built for each sector with unique IP which enables our partners to expand their market reach and generate additional revenue streams.

  2. Easy Integration: Sylogist's solutions integrate with Microsoft's suite of business applications, simplifying processes and optimizing workflows for end-users. This ensures that our customers have access to a comprehensive toolkit, enabling them to amplify the positive impact they make.

  3. Partner-Led Services: At Sylogist, our partners take the lead in delivering services, managing integration, overseeing implementation, and providing crucial support. Anchored by our purpose-built IP, our partners have the ideal foundation to seamlessly offer a comprehensive suite of services, to their customers that are meticulously crafted, to address the unique needs of government, nonprofit, and education sectors.

  4. Generous Financial Incentives: We stand together with you as a partner and enable you to earn exceptional margins and ongoing, recurring revenue. Our primary focus is on crafting exceptional industry-specific products, and we count on our partners to bring these solutions to life. You can generate revenue through our partner commission program, whether it's through one-time sales or ongoing software subscriptions. Additionally, you can quote and invoice for services that you directly offer to your customers. Sylogist partners retain all the revenue generated from the services they provide.

  5. Commitment to Product Innovation: To underscore our dedication to advancing our product portfolio, we've made substantial investments in our product team. These investments are a testament to our active pursuit of product modernization, seamless integration, and continued relevance in addressing the intricate challenges our customers encounter.

  6. Partner Training: Sylogist invests in partner success, offering comprehensive training programs to ensure partners can effectively sell, implement, and support their solutions. This includes access to our Knowledge Center with a library of videos and articles to help partners and their customers be better users of Sylogist products.

  7. Partner Support: Partners benefit from comprehensive support provided by Sylogist, encompassing technical guidance, regular updates, and fast response times.

  8. Growing Reseller Channel: Sylogist is actively investing in and expanding its reseller channel, presenting significant opportunities for partners to access new markets and customer segments.

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Becoming a Sylogist Reseller Partner Becoming part of the Sylogist Partner Program is straightforward. Contact us through our website or email to learn more and explore collaborative opportunities that benefit both parties and your customers.

Collaboration is the driving force behind innovation and progress in the ever-evolving business technology landscape. The partnership between Microsoft Business Application Partners and Sylogist exemplifies this spirit of collaboration, uniting Microsoft's technological prowess with Sylogist's industry-focused solutions. Together, they shape the future of business solutions, one tailored innovation at a time.


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