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2024 Giving Trends: New Resources for Nonprofit Fundraisers

Industry resources and articles on 2024 giving trends for nonprofit fundraisers.

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We've been reviewing the most important nonprofit fundraising trends for 2024 and we've got some great suggestions that every nonprofit fundraiser should read. Make sure to bookmark this post as we'll be adding new resources as they're published!

Giving Reports

Understanding Fundraising Benchmarks with M+R's 2023 Benchmark Report

This is one of our favorite resources and we look forward to its release each year!

M+R's 2023 Benchmark Report offers a wealth of information including: data-driven insights into fundraising, email marketing, and social media trends.

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The theme for 2023 is "Benchmarks: M+R's 2024 Spin Through the Gripping World of Nonprofit Digital Programs". It's structured as a "choose your adventure" journey so you can start in the beginning, middle, or end of the report.

This comprehensive report compiles metrics from a diverse range of nonprofits, providing a useful benchmark for your organization's performance. You can use this data to set goals, measure progress, and identify areas for improvement.

A few key findings include:

  • Revenue from monthly giving increased by 6%, and accounted for 31% of all online revenue.

  • Nonprofits raised an average of $0.94 through direct mail for every dollar raised online. Direct mail revenue fell by 6% in 2023.

  • TikTok audiences for nonprofits increased by 112% in 2023, far faster than other social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram follower counts grew by 6% and 11%. The number of Twitter/X followers declined by 1% on average.

Check out the report here:

GivingUSA color logo

Published annually by the Giving USA Foundation, this report is one of the most comprehensive sources of information on charitable giving in the United States. It covers data on individual giving, corporate philanthropy, foundation giving, and bequests. It also analyzes trends and provides insights into the factors that influence charitable donations.

Check out the report here: Giving USA 2023

One thing to note, the full report and supplemental reports do have a cost. If you want the highlights, you can download the infographic for free! color logo

This report by CanadaHelps examines charitable giving trends in Canada. It provides insights into donor demographics, online giving, and how charitable donations in Canada have been affected by the economic environment and other factors. It also explores regional trends and key statistics on Canadian philanthropy.

4,689,052 Canadians have donated $3,078,144,275 to Canadian charities using CanadaHelps.

Check out the 2024 report here: The Giving Report 2024.

TheNonProfitTimes logo color

The NonProfitTimes provides industry news and insights into nonprofit and philanthropic trends, including analysis of charitable giving patterns. It also publishes lists of top nonprofits and examines how they are responding to changes in donor behavior and economic pressures.

View rankings and reports here: TheNonProfitTimes.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy Logo Black

The Chronicle of Philanthropy regularly publishes research and reports on charitable giving in the United States. It offers comprehensive coverage of trends, analysis, and news in the nonprofit sector. Their reports explore how economic factors and social trends are influencing donor behavior and philanthropy.

Check out their articles here: The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Fundraising Best Practices and Tips

Nonprofit TechforGood color logo

Sylogist has partnered with Nonprofit Tech for Good for the last two years and if it's not already, it should be your go-to source for best practices, tips, and trends that help nonprofits excel in the digital age.

Timing is critical for successful fundraising campaigns. Nonprofit Tech for Good has the ultimate calendar of cause awareness and giving days for 2024. This resource helps you plan your campaigns around key dates, increasing visibility and engagement. Whether it's World Cancer Day or Giving Tuesday, this calendar is an essential tool for aligning your efforts with global events.

Another great one from Nonprofit Tech for Good!

Understanding online fundraising trends is crucial in a digital age. Nonprofit Tech for Good provides a detailed compilation of online fundraising statistics that offer valuable insights into donor behavior, social media engagement, and more. Use these statistics to refine your online fundraising strategies, optimize your website, and tailor your messaging to reach a wider audience.

We'll keep adding to this list of resources and in the meantime, check out our other articles on 2024 fundraising trends:

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