The Portal Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365

With The Portal Connector for Dynamics 365 you are able to deliver a flexible and feature rich portal solution for your organization.

Seamless integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and a secure and customizable online portal means you are able to provide more effective customer service, faster.

Data Management

✓ Display small or large amounts of Dynamics CRM data on a single Portal page.

✓ Manage the data with a intuitive easy to use Excel-like grid.

✓ Sort, filter and export the data from within the Portal.

✓ Adaptable security to control who can add, edit and delete data.

✓ Able to display multiple layers of data within a single portal page.

Online Forms

✓ Display small or large amounts of Dynamics CRM data on a single Portal page

✓ Easy to use system that guides you through building online forms.

✓ Build simple, detailed or complex forms.

✓ Any field in CRM can be added to a Portal Form.

✓ Individual fields can be secured as locked, visible or editable.

✓ Incorporate your existing website branding and design into your Forms.

✓ Extensive flexibility to change the layout of forms and pages on the Portal.

Business Processes

✓ Business rules and processes in CRM will be respected in the Portal

✓ Submitted data can trigger more complex business processes and workflows, even integrate with other business systems.

✓ You control the level of access and approval processes for adding new Portal users.

✓ Auditing allows you to see who changed what data, and when.

✓ Data flows between the Portal and Dynamics CRM in real time or in batches depending on your preference.

Configuration Options

✓ The portal will work with and connect to all forms of Dynamics CRM installations.

✓ Even if your Dynamics CRM system is not accessible to the internet, our technology will allow the Portal to interact securely.

✓ It takes only one check box in Dynamics CRM to add a new user to the Portal.

✓ You have the ability to allow new users to register for your portal and automatically be granted access.

✓ You control which elements of Dynamics CRM are accessible in the Portal, even custom elements.

The Portal Connector Capabilities

Improve Your Customer Service

Improve our Customer Service with The Portal Connector.

  • Customers can self serve 24/7

  • Customers have immediate access to their data in real time

  • Customers manage their data on their timeline

  • Mobile ready access from any device

  • Easy to use system allows you to modify the portal on your own

Portal Solutions

The Portal Connector allows you to create many portal solutions to meet your business needs. 

  • Sales Portal

  • Profile Management

  • Online Form / Application Management

  • Member Management

  • Customer Support

  • Student Management

See The Portal Connector in Action