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Victim Notification & Case Management

VSS (Victim Services Suite)

Case Management

VSS (Victim Services Suite)

SylogistGov developed the VSS (Victim Services Suite) to help correction agencies manage contacts and alerts when offenders are transferred or released. State departments of correction and county jails must deploy a system for notifying victims, constituents, law enforcement officials and other stakeholders when an offender’s custody status changes.

VSS (Victim Services Suite) is built on the proven Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Apps and SharePoint platforms which provide flexibility, scalability, integration capabilities, and powerful workflow features.

Victim Case Management


Integrated Information

Singular victim-centered case provides all permitted state, county and other advocates with a 360-degree view of activities performed, eligible services and programs by agency and location.

Day-to-Day Management

Customizable dashboards enable victim advocates to track services, gaps and under-served communities, set up reminders, appts, tasks, and monitor trends.

Portable Case Management

Victims access advocacy plan via portal, text, email, or hard copy. Safety planning, assessments and appointments can be found all in one portable, secure place.

Grant Reporting

Collects data for transfer to Violence Against Women Act Measuring Effectiveness Initiative (VAWA MEI) annual reports, Victims of Crime Act Performance Measurement Tool (VOCA PMT) quarterly reports, and other federal and state required reports.

Portal Accessibility

Public-facing portal allows registered victims to request services, access case information, update details or complete victim impact statements. Registered advocates and law enforcement users can access relevant case information. 

Integrated with

VSS (Victim Services Suite)

Integrates with VSS (Victim Services Suite) solution to register victims for notification of offender status changes, with option to provide registration data to other notification systems.

Security Roles Control Access

Flexible security model provides access to needed information while protecting victims' privacy.

Our Customers

SylogistGov's Victim Case Management solution helps agencies streamline and organize data management and reporting capabilities, enabling administrators to focus on helping victims.

Our customizable Victim Case Management solution is built on the proven Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SharePoint platforms which provide flexibility, scalability, integration capabilities and powerful workflow features.

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VSS (Victim Services Suite) Features

Real Time Data

Direct data exchange results in rapid notifications, reduced failure points, better status tracking and standardized data format from all sources. 

Personalized Notifications

Self service personalization of notifications based on event categories and preferred contact methods, allowing victims to decide notification type and event. 

Single Offender Record

Complex matching logic enables multi-source updates, ensuring that one victim registration provides notifications through the full justice lifecycle. 

Administrator Self Service

Manage your list of events and corresponding messages as well as other system functions through a set of easy-to-use tools. 

Full Traceability

360 degree view of all system activity from the receipt of data to the resulting notification, including data changes, notification text and delivery method. 

Updates Included

Built using Microsoft Dynamics 365, regular updates for new or improved capabilities and integrations are included in subscription cost. 

Texas Dept of Criminal Justice implements

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice - Victim Services Division launched a new Integrated Victim Services System (IVSS) that provides 24 hour access to offender information for crime victims, victim advocates, and criminal justice professionals.  The system uses SylogistGov's VSS (SAVIN is now VSS) Notification solution, which is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.  

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Victim Notification with VSS (Victim Services Suite): South Dakota Goes Statewide

​In July 2016, South Dakota rolled out a fully statewide VSS notification system using the solution from SylogistGov.  


The VSS (Victim Services Suite) (SAVIN is now VSS) solution provides victims with timely and accurate notifications of changes to offender custody and case status. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM), it leverages the best of breed technology which is regularly upgraded by Microsoft. It provides a wide range of tools for administrators including ad hoc reporting and query development, workflow management, internal alerting, integration with Microsoft Office, role-based security, and many other standard features. 

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Indiana Department of Correction Victim Notification

​The Indiana Department of Correction called for a modern alert system to display accurate, more personalized alerts that would keep registrants informed of the Department's decisions.

SylogistGov, implemented the VSS (Victim Services Suite) solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) in conjunction with an integrated website for alert registration.  Indiana VSS (Victim Services Suite) uses cloud-based call center services, email notification, text message, text to speech and robo-calling.

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