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Person making online payment with credit card

SylogistPay provides secure and reliable payment processing through our high-speed, scalable network. 

Built for Developers
  • Secure and easy API

  • Designed with developers in mind

  • Full SDK available

  • No exposure to card detail

Point-of-sale payment system
Hand holding credit card
Secure Payment Processing
  • Digital Payments

  • Easy Onboarding

  • Customer Activity Reports

  • All Major Payment Methods Supported

  • Cost Effective

2000+ Partners,

300+ Integrations

25+ Years in Payments Industry

30 billion+ transactions annually

Ready to learn more?

Payment Processing You Can Trust

Created for public service organizations like:



K-12 School Districts


Integrated, Secure Payments

Hosted payment page creates a more secure payment process.

Onboarding API

Quickly gain approval and configure your account with our Sylogist payment solution.

Begin Processing Payments in as Little as Fifteen Minutes

More from SylogistPay

Fuel Payment Services

SylogistPay provides real-time information for all major pump manufacturers worldwide with APIs for ERP and point-of-sale (POS) systems.

Person using point-of-sale system to make credit card payment
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