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What is The Portal Connector?

We at The Portal Connector have created a simple, flexible, and secure low code/no code platform for portals in which Customers, Partners and ISV’s can share and interact with data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365/Dataverse.

Using our easy to use low code/no code platform users can create websites with custom branded experiences for interaction which such data. There are also developer features which enables users to go above and beyond if they wish.

Our portal can be hosted anywhere, that being in Azure, a third-party hosting provider or on-premise hosting. We strive to eliminate any limitations.

Some of the Top Features include:


Interacting with your Dynamics 365 Solution, wherever it may be hosted, The Portal Connector allows you to build a web portals customized for your customers’ experience. Allowing you to grow and adapt to your online customer interactions efficiently. Our flexible technology can support Dynamics 2011 through Dynamics 365, Dataverse (Microsoft's new name for the CDS).

“We chose The Portal Connector for the flexibility of the Website Content Management System, and the lightweight resources into Dynamics CRM.” Luke Demeter, Account Executive, Betach

Customization (user friendly)

Low code / no code development is predicted to reach market size of $187 billion by 2030, The Portal Connector dominates in the ease of use of a modern web portal.

Quote in low code

Your internal team has the option of building features using drag and drop tools creating quick and easy portals. If your IT team wants to get their hands on it for some higher customization, it is built with industry standard technology so you will not need to find someone with specialized experience and allows for any type of integration.

Cost Certainty

Other platforms like power apps portals and power pages require consumption-based licensing, so you would be paying per user login and pages views, which has to be pre-purchased for consumption each month to ensure your portal will still be running. Unfortunately, that pre-purchase does not carry over to the next month so if you don’t use your pre-purchased logins, it’s money wasted. A license from The Portal Connector is up front with no monthly consumption fees, a consistent and predictable licensing fee. We do have a yearly maintenance fee of 30%, which is optional, and helps your portal stay current, but your portal will continue to function regardless. From there it is a simple perpetual license, and you don’t have to be concerned with your amount of user logins. You can encourage your customers to use it as much as they would like, without paying any extra fees. If you would like to learn more about our pricing model check out our price comparison page where we outline a scenario for better understanding.


Customer Success is crucial for a smooth and successful experience. Holding our customer success at a very high standard, consistency and trust allow us to assist in any phase of your project. If needed we will create functional mock-ups for to help you visualize your portal. Assist your team in creating the portal or you can hand the lifting over to our portal experts to create your vision. We can also assist in user acceptance testing to ensure everything is working to your standards. With our +80% yearly renewal rate proving our service has what it takes to meet your needs, we are confident in the satisfaction we can create. If you don’t need us that is fine, but we ensure that we are always there in your back pocket if need be.

Read more about our support including our complimentary Daily Q&A sessions for all Customers and Partners to join and get your questions answered.

“The Daily Q&A session were extremely valuable. We had to come up to speed very quickly, and whenever we ran into an obstacle, we simply jumped on the next day’s Q&A call. Their Tech Support team answered our questions every time – and actually walked us through the answers, so we learned as we went along.” Margaret Connelly, Tecplot

In summary, The Portal Connector welcomes multiple hosting options, developers and non-developers for easy use and always provides cost certainty. Why are we here? To provide the unique no code / low code platform your business yearns for. Allow us to help you continue to grow in this rapidly advancing industry. Let’s be on top together.

Looking for more?

Book a private demo, or check out one of our webinars.

Thanks for reading, The Portal Connector By Sylogist


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