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9 Steps to Maximize End User Adoption of Technology

As leader, you understand the value of technology and its power to unleash your organization’s potential. You also know that change is difficult and requires broad support, acceptance, and adoption as they are critical for the success of any enterprise management solution.

How do you achieve support and the needed buy-in? These are tips to gain the support and end user acceptance you need for a successful enterprise solution migration.

1. Ensure executive sponsorship and buy-in for the project.

While executive sponsorship is key to getting budget approval for an enterprise software investment, the role of leadership must extend further. Executives must encourage and bolster adoption by showing support for the new solution, by dedicating resources to training and integrating the new system and tools into their daily activities.

2. Include users in the selection process.

It’s important to not alienate the professionals who will use the solution. Many organizations will create a cross functional team, with users from all tiers of the organizational hierarchy so diverse voices are heard. This approach pays dividends by engaging users early and creating a sense of ownership.

3. Put together a deployment team to support the project over its lifecycle.

Organizations should include business and IT analysts to gather feedback, minimizing downtime while maximizing the experience and adoption. It is reasonable to expect on the fly changes and system troubleshooting during an implementation.

4. User experience should remain top of mind during requirements gathering.

Selections are often based on the features of a solution, but consideration should also be given to the user’s experience.

5. Communicate the deployment plan and provide regular updates.

Setting expectations for the implementation process up front and then communicating milestones accomplished will boost and maintain user adoption. The last thing organizations want is for users to feel like it’s a never-ending project.

6. Measure and communicate performance before, during and after deployment.

To measure the impact of a new system you must first baseline performance before the deployment, and then measure it over the course of the project. Don’t hesitate to include intangibles while communicating performance improvements, like real-life stories of how the solution made users’ work life easier.

7. Execute a pilot program before transitioning enterprise-wide

It’s common for organizations to initiate a deployment with a single module, or a subset of users, in order attain early user feedback and get the process down. Time and ease of implementation will have an impact on employee morale and ultimately user adoption.

8. Identify and empower “System Champions” to support and drive adoption

Users responsible for the solution’s success can improve adoption by identifying and empowering key users. These ‘champions’ will help others as they ramp up their skills and lead by example. They can also engage in activities to drive adoption, such as contests, word search puzzles and surveys with prizes.

9. Maintain a continuous improvement mindset and actively request feedback.

User feedback is beneficial to making the deployment easier and the solution better. Having the option to provide feedback creates a sense of user buy-in and drives further adoption. It’s a win-win.

Ensure the organization you work with meets your services requirements so you can unlock the value of the enterprise software solution, including:

  • Decades of experience with nonprofits, NGOs and public sector organizations

  • Proven, implementation methodologies

  • Choice of standard and custom support solutions

  • Technology solutions for today’s realities

  • Standard and custom training options

  • 24/7 support options, if required

  • Outstanding post-implementation support

  • Single point of contact for all support services

Sylogist's cloud ERP solution, Serenic Navigator, is powered by Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Business Central, providing advanced software technology with support for multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-company consolidations.

Serenic Navigator delivers a role-tailored user experience with the specific functionality needed to fuel business productivity and enable confident decision making. It is a comprehensive financial and operational solution that includes fund and encumbrance accounting, grant management, budgeting, procurement, payroll, and financial reporting that empowers your organization’s mission by enabling you to spend your resources where they will do the most good.

About Serenic Navigator & Sylogist

Sylogist is a public sector SaaS company that provides comprehensive ERP, CRM, fundraising, education administration, and payments solutions that allow its customers to carry out their missions.

Sylogist serves over 1,950 customers globally, including all levels of government, nonprofit and non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, and public compliance-driven and funded companies.

Serenic Navigator, brought to you by Sylogist, is a pioneering fund accounting software solution for nonprofits, NGOs, K-12 Schools, Government, faith-based and religious institutions.Serenic Navigator has offers fund accounting, deposits and loans, grant and award management, budget management, payroll and human services, data integration, and analytics and reporting.

Learn more about Serenic Navigator on our website or:


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