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Microsoft Offers Clouds for Industries, Including Nonprofits

Microsoft offers industry computing clouds for nonprofit, financial, manufacturing, healthcare and retail sectors. Based on Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform and other Microsoft products and services, the industry clouds consolidate components, tools, solutions, and data models geared toward industry needs and standards.

According to Justin Spelhaug, who leads Tech for Social Impact at Microsoft, "Specifically, we are bringing together the power of Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Azure and LinkedIn. This will make engagement and fundraising, staff collaboration, volunteer engagement and management, and program design and delivery more efficient. In addition, Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit is underpinned by a Common Data Model for Nonprofits, making it easier and less expensive for nonprofits to integrate with existing solutions and share data across the organization."

The nonprofit cloud builds on the Microsoft nonprofit solution accelerator as well as the fundraising and engagement solution which contain data models and templates for Dynamics 365 / Power Apps. Sylogist contributed to the fundraising and engagement solution with its MISSION CRM. The Common Data Model is an effort to create a de facto standard to simplify integration of applications across products and vendors. Some elements of the data model is derived from government and nongovernmental organization standards that are relevant to nonprofits.

When you combine the intellectual property that Microsoft is creating and funding through Microsoft implementation partners with the free and discounted software offered by Microsoft to charities and other nonprofits, Microsoft is developing a rich ecosystem of software solutions that can work together for the nonprofit sector.

Learn more from this session at Microsoft Ignite:


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