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Discover 7 Key Benefits From Cloud Accounting & ERP Solutions

It’s crucial for nonprofit, international NGO and governmental organizations to remain as efficient and effective as possible. Moving your accounting or enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to the cloud can help. Cloud solutions ensure you have:

  • 24/7 access anywhere/anytime

  • exceptional security

  • enhanced support services

There are many benefits to using a comprehensive cloud ERP solution, such as Serenic Navigator by Sylogist, on the Microsoft Azure hosted platform, including:

1. Increased Efficiency & Cost Savings

A hosted environment provides you with a scalable solution, while minimizing IT requirements and physical data storage, providing you with meaningful savings. For example, most organizations experience a decrease in hardware costs, power usage, IT staff requirements, etc. which means savings.

2. Security

A hosted environment provides exceptional levels of security due to the significant investment made in terms of resources and technology, along with a skilled team of technology experts. Cloud providers set the standard for security, ranging from backups, redundant power and communications links, physical security of the hosting center and compliance with the latest security certifications and accreditation. You will receive a level of data protection that far exceeds the typical on premise or private cloud protection because Microsoft is the industry leader for customer advocacy and privacy protection, having more certifications than any other cloud provider.

3. 24/7 Access

Your users will be connected no matter where they work as they will have anytime, anywhere access. They will have the same quick access to data whether or not they are working in the office.

4. Disaster Recovery

Should a disaster occur; the recovery services begin within 15 minutes after a disaster is identified and recovery time on an Azure hosted platform may be a couple of hours compared with days or even weeks for on-premise.

Services include automated solution backups for your most critical data and the backups are created and managed specifically for planned and unplanned events, including power outages, natural disasters, or transient hardware failures. Azure Storage redundancy ensures a 99.5% service level agreement (SLA).

5. Enhanced Support Services

This means support services are enhanced because consultants and support technicians can quickly and easily access your environment without any delays such as requesting authorization and login credentials or waiting for a copy of database to be uploaded to a SFTP site.

6. Plan for your future

Whether your organization is dependent on a small IT group, sometimes a single person, who in many cases is a contracted consultant, or you have a large IT staff, cost effectiveness is important.

7. Scalability

You can scale your cloud solutions up or down depending on demand, without purchasing or retiring server hardware.

Time moves very quickly these days, so now may be a good time to consider moving your ERP or financial management solutions to the cloud.

About Serenic Navigator & Sylogist

Sylogist is a public sector SaaS company that provides comprehensive ERP, CRM, fundraising, education administration, and payments solutions that allow its customers to carry out their missions.

Sylogist serves over 1,950 customers globally, including all levels of government, nonprofit and non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, and public compliance-driven and funded companies.

Serenic Navigator, brought to you by Sylogist, is a pioneering fund accounting software solution for nonprofits, NGOs, K-12 Schools, Government, faith-based and religious institutions.Serenic Navigator has offers fund accounting, deposits and loans, grant and award management, budget management, payroll and human services, data integration, and analytics and reporting.

Learn more about Serenic Navigator on our website or:


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