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Common Finance Systems for Dioceses and Archdioceses

The Roman Catholic Church is organized into dioceses around the world. Dioceses ruled by an archbishop are commonly referred to as archdioceses. In the Washington, DC area, there are more than 655,000 Catholics, 139 parishes, and 92 Catholic schools under the The Archdiocese of Washington.

Complex structure

Complex Structure Icon

This structure means that diocesan finances are complex, and can involve dozens or hundreds of reporting entities including parishes, schools, and other diocesan organizations.

Here is an example of how a diocese might be organized in terms of reporting entities:

Diocese sample organizational structure

This complex structure means that things like reporting and viewing real-time data are difficult. This can lead to a lack of consistency and transparency throughout the diocese.

Common Finance Model

At Sylogist, we are seeing a growing trend toward standardization of accounting software to simplify tracking and reporting for dioceses and their entities.

Serenic Navigator by Sylogist, powered by Microsoft Business Central, offers an intuitive and easy to use solution for parish and school finance personnel via role-tailored profiles. This is called the "Common Finance Model". Serenic Navigator is deployed in the Microsoft Cloud, eliminating hardware, backup and upgrade headaches.

Key Benefits

  • Single system of record with real time data across the Diocese, parishes, schools and supporting operations

  • Cloud delivery for a lower IT burden and maintenance costs,

  • Cost effective licensing

  • Guaranteed security and reliability

  • Safeguards against outages due to natural disasters

  • Prescriptive implementation services

  • Core Financials + Deposit and Loan Management

  • Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the Industry leading finance/business application platform

Standard modules

  • General Ledger with Financial Reporting

  • Cash Management

  • Budget Management, specifically, Budget Journal

  • Payables

  • Receivables

Optional modules

  • Advanced/line Allocations

  • Requisition and POs

  • Sales Orders

Serenic Navigator by Sylogist Logo

With the Common Finance System, you can utilize the powerful features included with Serenic Navigator while migrating to the latest cloud technology.

To learn more, schedule a demo with one of our experts now!


Learn more about the common finance model with our infographic:

Serenic Navigator Common Finance Infographic Preview


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