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5 Quick Steps to Optimize Your GivingTuesday and End-of-Year Campaigns

In previous blogs we've discussed the history of GivingTuesday and the 7 insights on donor behavior we can learn from GivingTuesday donor data. Now we're ready to tackle the ways you can apply these insights to your GivingTuesday and end-of-year giving campaigns. Keep reading to learn the five quicky and easy steps you can take to optimize your campaigns and ensure their success.

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Contact donors in multiple ways.

Not all donors read your emails. Optimize your GivingTuesday and End-of-Year Giving campaigns and ensure you’re reaching all your donors by communicating via email, phone, and on social media.

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Expand your target lists.

Younger donors are giving more, so be sure you’re reaching out to donors of all ages and include volunteer lists and supporters who haven’t made monetary donations before.

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Keep the fundraising going after GivingTuesday.

Many donors prefer to give smaller amounts multiple times throughout the year or like to set up a recurring monthly gift. Make sure you’re giving donors opportunities to give throughout the year. All donor forms should have an option to make a one-time donation or set up a recurring gift.

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Check in with donors before AND after GivingTuesday.

Show your donors the impact of their funds by following up with updates about programs, outreach, and other mission work. Ensure you’re reaching out with good news, not just requests for support.

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Don’t forget about end-of-year giving.

Donors that support GivingTuesday may want to get one last gift in before the end of the calendar year, so make sure to include your GivingTuesday donors in any communications for end-of-year campaigns.

These five steps will set you up for success and ensure you continue to build lasting and meaningful relationships with your donors.

If any of these steps sound taxing, you may need to evaluate the software you're using for your online fundraising and donor management. SylogistMission offers solutions for accounting (including fund accounting), online fundraising pages, donor management, and more, all built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Learn more about our solutions made specifically for nonprofits here.

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