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Solutions to address the unique financial management challenges that ministries, particularly media ministries, face.

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Solutions that focus on stewardship of assets, program delivery, and management services for churches, dioceses, and archdioceses.

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Solutions for Faith-Based Ministries and Organizations

  • Streamline workflow and enhance productivity

  • Seamlessly integrate donor and donation

  • Budget, allocate donations, and track expenses by programs

  • Control inventory with integrated procurement management

  • Support multiple currencies for donations, expenses, and reporting

  • Support multiple entities, programs and field operations

  • Measure, report and analyze program performance

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Solutions for Churches, Dioceses, and Archdioceses

  • Manage multiple entities, with isolation of fund sources, budgets and expenses by program or parish

  • Complete fund accounting software and financial management

  • Manage and provide visibility for parish deposits and loans

  • Consolidate financials and generate reports needed for transparency and accountability

Our Customers

“Serenic Navigator has helped provide new efficiencies and internal control to enable us to help foreign offices answer questions. It’s so much easier to pull information out of the system to find what you need. Financial reporting is now easier because you can drill into a chart of accounts without having to follow transaction numbers. I can, literally, log in and grab information for a report or an annual audit in a quick second versus having to dig like I used to or wait for someone in a different time zone to send it.”

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