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SylogistGov Product Wheel with Features

A cloud based solution featuring a fully integrated set of local government specific financial, payroll, taxation, utility, licensing, asset management and citizen engagement capabilities to support the efficient planning, budgeting, reporting, delivery and management of municipal services.

Moving to a cloud based government ERP solution means you can access it anywhere, on any device. A cloud based solution also means that not only will your cyber security be improved, but your ability to report and be transparent improves as well. With improved cyber security, you can trust SylogistGov.  

Financial Management

  • General Ledger

  • Accounts Receivable, Cash Receipts, Bank Reconciliation

  • Purchasing & Accounts Payable

  • Fixed Assets

  • Payroll/HR

  • Budgeting

Financial management icon

Revenue Management

  • Taxation

  • Utilities

  • Licensing

  • Payment Processing

Revenue management icon

Asset Management

  • Assets

  • Work

  • Inspections

  • Projects

  • Requests

  • Gravel

Asset management icon

Citizen Portal

  • Property Management & Account Management

  • Payments

  • Licensing

  • Permits

  • Requests

Citizen portal icon

Analytics & Reporting

  • Organizational specific dashboards

  • KPIs

  • Multidimensional worksheets with drill to detail capabilities

  • Report library and ad hoc reporting

GIS & Data Integration

  • Property centric solution design

  • Geographic visualization

  • Data Connect module for all third party data imports and exports

GIS and Data integration icon

Software Features

Microsoft Azure

SylogistGov is an experienced provider of expert technical services using Microsoft Cloud with Azure, Office 365, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Microsoft offers new functionality and features in their Cloud first, before providing comparable functionality in their on premise products.

Our Customers

SylogistGov is a solution for local and municipal governments.

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